Critical mass for climate action?

FRISCO — I wasn’t sure that I’d ever see this level of activism on climate change in my lifetime, but the message that global warming poses a clear and present danger — an existential threat — seems to be finally sinking in. Along with President Barack Obama’s direct language on climate in his inaugural address, the continued warnings from civic leaders, planners and scientists are adding up to an almost universal awareness that action is needed sooner rather than later.
  1. The #forwardonclimate crowd now stretches to the Washington Monument- and still growing!
  2. RT @climatehawk1: I call on Barack Obama 2 move #ForwardOnClimate. Pls RT & watch largest US rally 4 #climate action live:
  3. Make no mistake! Global Warming is here & the countdown to extinction will reach Canada… #ForwardOnClimate #NoKXL
  4. The crowd is at 35,000 – AND STILL GROWING. Today, we really do go #ForwardOnClimate!
  5. And it’s not just D.C. Groups are gathering in cities around the country to demand action.
  6. We cannot take out of greed we should only take out of need. – Chief Jackie Thomas #idlenomore #ForwardonClimate #noKXL
  7. RT @AUGreenEagles: Stop the keystone pipeline!! #ForwardOnClimate #noKXL #keystone
  8. This is the last minute of the last quarter of the most important game humanity has ever played – @vanjones68 #ForwardOnClimate
  9. RT @OCongress: Alert: If you are arrested at today’s #ForwardOnClimate rally call (202) 5-RESIST for #NLG help.
  10. RT @Agent350: Whoa, I think Sec of Energy Steve Chu just showed up to #ForwardOnClimate on a bicycle.
  11. We cannot take out of greed we must only take out of need. #forwardonclimate
  12. Even in smaller mountains in the West, groups of skiers rallied atop their favorite peaks, fully aware that their lifestyle is at stake.
  13. Whitefish Mtn Resort skiers rally at summit near Glacier National Park #forwardonclimate #nokxl

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