Summit County man faces charges after handgun threats

Summit County resident Dale Montagne, 62, has been charged with felony menacing after threatening several men with a handgun and allegedly firing a shot.

Sheriff’s deputies arrest Dale Montagne after altercation over leased apartment

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — The Summit County Sheriff’s Office Thursday arrested a local man after he allegedly threatened four men with a handgun and fired a shot at the feet of one of the men after a disagreement over a rental lockoff unit.

According to a release from the sheriff’s office, Dale Montagne, 62, was booked into the Summit County Jail on charges of: Prohibited Use of Weapons, a Class 2 Misdemeanor; Reckless Endangerment, a Class 3 Misdemeanor; four counts of Menacing/Intimidation, a Class 5 Felony; and 1st Degree Burglary Assault/Menacing, a Class 3 Felony.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to an address north of Silverthorne about 7 p.m. Thursday (Feb. 14) for a report of a menacing involving a handgun. En route to the scene, the deputies were redirected to the 7-11 in Silverthorne to meet the reporting party.

Deputies spoke with four witnesses, all of whom indicated that Montagne had fired a shot with a handgun at one of the victims’ feet because Montagne felt they were violating the conditions of his lease.

According to the sheriff’s office, the victims were friends of the tenant to whom Montagne had leased a lockoff apartment. The tenant was not home at the time the altercation took place; however, the victims had the tenant’s permission to be at the residence.

The various felony and misdemeanor charges carry penalties of up to 12 years in jail and a potential $750,000 fine. Montange is being held in the Summit County Jail on a $5,000 bond.


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