Colorado: New wildlife roundtable forming

Colorado mule deer browsing. Photo courtesy Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

State resource managers seek input from hunters and anglers

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —With deer herds in northwestern Colorado declining and the state’s trout likely facing another long, dry summer, wildlife managers may be looking at some tough choices in the months ahead.

To get some input from active hunters and anglers in the region, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is putting together regional caucuses to meet and discuss wildlife issues with managers, biologists and agency officials, with an upcoming meeting set for Feb. 20 in Grand Junction (6 p.m. at the Clarion Hotel, 755 Horizon Drive).

In addition to the wildlife-related discussion, attendees will select two delegates to represent the region’s wildlife concerns at the newly formed Sportsmen’s Roundtable to be held in Denver next month. The roundtable will provide hunters and anglers from the four regions of the state with direct access to agency officials, including wildlife commissioners.

“We have always had forums for public input, but this is a formal method for stakeholders to voice their ideas, opinions and concerns early in the decision-making process,” said CPW northwest regional manager Ron Velarde. “This gives our agency valuable input from our constituents that is critical for our wildlife management decisions and goals.”

Although any member of the public can attend and provide input at the local caucuses, delegates and members of the Sportsmen’s Roundtable must be licensed and active anglers or hunters. All participants in the roundtable must commit to attend the bi-annual regional caucuses and Sportsmen’s Roundtable meetings and serve a two-year term.

The Sportsmen’s Roundtable will consist of 24 members – 16 statewide members and two delegates from each of the four regions.

Statewide members are selected through an application process. Any licensed and active hunter or anglers interested in applying for a statewide position can visit: The application deadline is Feb. 15.

The process to select delegates from the regions is informal, and can be by consensus, popular vote or other methods decided upon by attendees during the caucus meetings.


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