Morning photo: Weird ice … and more

Some strange stuff along Dillon Reservoir

The water level in Dillon Reservoir continues to drop beneath the ice, which has led to some weird shoreline formations.

FRISCO — Went for a morning wander on the Dillon side of the reservoir, where I enjoyed some unusual ice formations at the shoreline. It appears that the receding water has literally peeled back a layer of earth and left near-vertical ice ridges extended for hundreds of feet along the shore. It’s beautiful, in a weird sort of way, but does not bode well for the spring, when I think many people will be surprised at how low the water is. Think snow, people.

Sunlight through the ice.
Peak One, framed.
Delicate grass, unbowed by the snow.
Bending into evening’s shadows.
Feathery frost on Straight Creek.
Faceted crystals of snow, transformed by the cold, dry weather.


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