Morning photo: Ice and snow

The cold season …

FRISCO — This week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat is themed snow and ice, so it wasn’t hard for me to find just a few pictures in the archives — after all, winter reigns for more than half the year here at 9,000 feet, and it’s not unusual to get a stray snowstorm in July. Often, the first snow of the new season coats the high peaks in September, and we’ve even had a few dustings in late August.

This year was epic for early season ice along the local streams. Often, the ice gets covered up by snow as soon as it forms, but autumn was very dry in the Colorado high country, so the I had a chance to explore some cool ice formations along the creeks.

I’m looking forward to seeing ice and snow images from around the world. Join the fun – upload your snow and ice pics, tag them with #FriFotos and share them on Twitter via your favorite social media photo channel!


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