Morning photo: Second look

eye candy …

In the right place at the right time, as a gust of wind sends frost crystals skittering through the sky on the Dillon side of the dam.

FRISCO — A lot of the morning photo posts are quick hits, when I choose the first image that catches my eye from a particular set. Then, a few weeks later, when I go back to delete photos, I find another few that may be technically better (exposure, composition). I save them to use as illustrations for stories, but I don’t always go back to re-post them in a morning photo series. So here are a few second-look images from the archives, going back to November.

Check out out our online Imagekind gallery for more Summit County shots through the seasons. You can also visit our FineArtAmerica online gallery for metal and canvas print versions, as well as greeting cards.

Fortuitous lighting, as a bit of blue sky breaks through on what was otherwise a gray morning.
The pogonip season was pretty short this year, so I was glad I got out on this day.
Very early morning!
A late autumn moonset over the Gore Range.
November full moon.
River color.








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