Morning photo: Frost City, USA

The heart of winter

Even a dead tree can become a thing of beauty in the right light, covered with frost.

FRISCO — I had a chance to try out the Olloclip lens for my iPhone camera the past few weeks. I was especially interested in the macro attachment, and after playing around with it for a while, finally figured out how to optimize the shots. If you haven’t heard of it, the Olloclip is a three-way (wide-angle, macro and fisheye) lens that simply slips over the corner of your iPhone. It retails for about $70 and adds some versatility to your repertoire. I still haven’t figured out all the tricks, but I can say that, for a pocket-sized attachment, it offers some fun features. It’s never going to be quite as sharp as a true all-out DSLR macro lens, but as the photo below shows, it does the job for casual snapshots. Now, to explore a telephone lens for the iPhone. All the photos in this set are by iPhone.

hoar frost
Testing out the iPhone Olloclip macro lens on a sliver of frost growing on a dead blade of grass along the banks of Tenmile Creek in Frisco, Colorado.
Frost crystals growing on an icicle along Tenmile Creek in Frisco.
Fresh snow along the Snake River, near Keystone, Colorado.
Frost, steam, sun …
A veritable garden of frost crystals on the surface of Tenmile Creek.
Hello, sun!
Beaver pond sunrise.


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