Morning photo: Color returns

Sunrise … sunset

Sunrise Summit County
Cool morning shadows contrast with the fiery sky over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO — After a bit of a color drought, we enjoyed a few brilliant dawns and dusks in the past few days, so I headed out to a couple of my favorite spots to try and capture some of those magical moments. The first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning (well before daylight) is head for the window to see if there’s any kind of cloud formation that might help refract some of the morning sunlight. The last couple of mornings looked promising, so I grabbed the cameras and headed out to a couple of nearby spots along the Dam Road. Shooting the bright pink sky against the shady foreground is always frustrating, because there’s just no balance — the warm tones of the sky and the cool shadows of the snowy forest fight each other, and by the time there’s enough light in the foreground, the sky colors are washed out. But you have to keep on trying, waiting for that moment (and sometimes it’s only 30 seconds) when ti all comes together.

Dillon Reservoir
A little more light in the foreground and some post processing helped balance the tones in this one, but there’s a little too much empty space …
Sunset Dillon REservoir
Sunset II.
Wave cloud.






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