sage grouse critical habitat map

Colorado Gunnison Sage-grouse critical habitat map



One thought on “sage grouse critical habitat map

  1. I hear and read people (ranchers, DOW personnel, county commissioners) saying that T or E listing a game species takes management away from the state and putting into the hands of the federal government. This is a half-truth designed to elicit sympathy for the downtrodden local interest. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has continued to be active with the Colorado River fish listed for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act. How’s that if federal listing removes management out of the hands of the state? The truth half of the story is that the federal government officially no longer trusts that the state can do it alone. The truth half includes the faint possibility that there will be limitations placed on land use that state and local governments do not orchestrate. But rest assured that the federal government via the US Fish & Wildlife Service will be very careful to not bring down too much wrath upon itself by implementing the law strictly as it is written. There will remain plenty of initiative available for local authorities to take that could be meaningful for the survival of the Gunnison Sage-grouse.

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