Morning photo: Blue

Morning stroll

Winter in Summit County
Steam rises off the waters of the Blue River at Farmer’s Kormer.

FRISCO — Stayed a little closer to home Monday morning, venturing as far as the Blue River inlet at Farmer’s Korner for a morning photo walk. First things first — the willows at the mouth of the river have trapped most of the snow blowing off the surface of Dillon Reservoir, so in spots, it’s thigh deep. I got there in plenty of time to wait for the sun to pop up over Swan Mountain and tried to line up a few shots in advance. Once the light hit, it hit pretty hard and pretty suddenly. Instead of having a chance to shoot frames in a mellow half-light, It was bright and full of contract almost immediately. The second image in this series (below) was taken just at the right moment; just 30 seconds later, the scene was bathed in full sunlight, making it a bit harder to capture details and tones.

winter mists over the Blue River
First light on the Blue River.
Morning sunlight contrasts against the dark blue shade cast by Swan Mountain.
The rivermouth.
Winter river.
Full contrast.








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