Morning photo: Frost hunting

January treasures

frost crystals Colorado
A little depth-of-field magic and perfect morning light helped isolate this heavily frosted branch from the rest of the wintry landscape.

FRISCO — Even though it hasn’t snowed in a few days, there are still a few nooks and crannies where the snow hasn’t melted off the trees. You have to look in wind-sheltered spots on north-facing aspects, because even in January, the mid-day sun can quickly eat away at the powder. That’s not to say that old snow is bad. Any snow is good, but it’s fun tracking down places where it really looks like the deep winter it’s supposed to be. 

frost pillow Snake River Colorado
I’ll revisit this spot in the summer to see what these frost flowers look like in the warm season.
The same scene, through an iPhone Instagram filter.
Shooting toward the sun, but from an angle that’s shielded from direct rays.
I let a few of the rays bleed through from the side in this iPhone shot.
Feathery ice crystals along the Snake River.

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