Morning photo: Luminosity II

More Snake River scenes

Ice on the Snake River glows as if from within in this early morning shot processed with an iPhone Instagram filter.

FRISCO — I just can’t get enough of the early morning mists along the Snake River, one of the only local streams that hasn’t frozen completely solid in the cold weather of recent days. I’m pretty sure the only reason there’s still some open water in the Snake is because of the “extra” water that’s flowing from out of the Robert’s Tunnel down toward Keystone Ski Area’s snowmaking intake valves, and that fluctuating flow has created a wonderland of ice terraces and frozen falls. The water also adds moisture to the air, enabling the frost to form on riverside willow shrubs, trees and grasses.

This is the only DSLR shot in this set. All the rest are iPhone pics.
Snake River in Summit County Colorado
Half-light along the Snake.
sunlight on the snake river in Colorado
The valley of snow and frost.






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