Morning photo: Some 2012 faves

Through the seasons

North Tenmile Creek trail, Frisco Colorado
Springtime in the Rockies.

FRISCO —With 2012 all but over, it’s time to cull the archives one more time, get rid of images that are just cluttering up the hard drive, and posting a few others that tell the story of Summit County. It’s not easy picking out the “best” images based on technical or artistic criteria, so I just picked some the images that evoked the strongest emotional response as I scrolled through the files

Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at It’s a great way to support independent online journalism!

Frisco Colorado historic park
Frisco cabins.
Dillon Reservoir ice, Summit County Colorado
January ice on Dillon Reservoir.
Peak One, Frisco Colorado
X-ray sky.
Dillon Reservoir, Dillon Marina, Summit County Colorado
Melting snow reveals dry grass.
Sunset clouds over Dillon Reservoir in Summit County Colorado
A spring sunset.
Birds, Summit County Colorado
Partial lunar eclipse 2012
Willow catkin in spring
A tender willow catkin is a welcome first sign of spring in the Colorado high country.
Rock climbing on shadows in Summit County Colorado
Shadow climb.
Peak One, Tenmile Range, Summit County Colorado
Peak One, floating on clouds.

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