Morning photo: Treescapes

The frost zone …

Diamond dust.

FRISCO ā€” I set out for the Dillon side of the reservoir early, before sunrise, thinking it would be another fine day to shoot frost-coated trees, but the warm air advection during the night inhibited formation of the fog, limiting it to a thin coating near ground level. There was, however, one good frost zone; only problem, it was near a section of the Dam Road where there is no easy access. So I headed down the hill, turned left on Anemone Trail and walked up toward the face of the dam on the recpath, then veered off on to the hillside. The light was dazzling so I squeezed off a whole series of shots, all the while looking for the best vantage point. Eventually, I ended up on the prominent rocky ridge just above the Dam Road, and, of course, within about 30 seconds, a Dillon Dam security patrol pulled off the side of the road below me and hollered at me to get off the rocks ā€” but not before I got a couple shots of the frost crystals flaking off the trees above me.

Winter stillness.
Tree flurry.
Winter grass.

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