Colorado: Geminid meteor shower lights up the sky

Celestial delight

Since the Geminids are named for the constellation depicting twins, it’s fitting that astrophotographer Daniel McVey captured this image of twin meteors streaking across the skies of Summit County, Colorado.

Photos by Daniel McVey

FRISCO — The last meteor shower of 2012 delivered a spectacular show, with shooting stars sometimes falling at the rate of one per minute. Summit County based astrophotographer Daniel McVey headed to the Lower Blue Valley to capture a few images of the shooting stars. Check out more his work at his Facebook Page and at his photography website,

McVey is currently a resident photographer at the Denver Photo Art Gallery, at 833 Santa Fe Drive. More info: www.DenverPhotoArt.Com.

Double-click on the images to see them at a larger size against a dark background.

Shooting stars in Colorado.
The last meteor of 2012?

McVey describes his Geminid meteor excursion:

“Basically I get dressed up like the younger brother in a “Xmas Story” and drive out to a pre-planned location and set up my camera.

For the Meteor shower this year, I tried slightly underexposing my shots so that the Ambient light in the background doesn’t drown out my meteors in camera. Im not always looking to shoot at the radiant point but to find a good composition. I shoot continuously and hope for the best.

More so than anything, its all patience and jumping jacks (to stay warm.) This was the best meteor shower I ever remember seeing. They were going off all around me. It was the closest thing to a fake meteor shower at the planetarium that Ive ever seen. It was just as you imagine a meteor shower should be — of course there were some lulls in the action …”


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