Morning photo: Saturday set

Snowless Summit …

Painting with car headlights.

FRISCO — OK, so it’s a little depressing, this business of no snow going into December, but I’ve been singing “White Christmas” the Bing Crosby way almost incessantly the past three days, and that’s never failed before. In the meantime, we’re still having fun with our morning and afternoon photo shoots. In the murky Saturday morning light, I used the car headlights to illuminate the foreground, making for a nice contrast with the moody blue skies. And even without snow, the early light up on the Tenderfoot trail is always worthwhile. The last couple of hours of sunlight Saturday felt like early autumn rather than the first of December; it was nearly shirtsleeve weather when we took the dogs for a walk near Heaton Bay. Crazy, but that’s way it is …

Early morning light.

Lone pine.
Late afternoon light reflects on a frozen section of Dillon Reservoir.
Along the Tenderfoot Trail.


Look closely and find Keystone’s night skiing lights.

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