Morning photo: Moonlight madness

Is it the beaver moon or the hunter’s moon?

There was just enough light remaining early during moonrise for the iPhone camera to grab a decent image.
Leigh enjoys the November moonrise with Ringo and Comet.

FRISCO —After getting shut out by thick clouds last month, the November full moon cooperated, rising into a colorful sky with just enough clouds to balance the light. In fact, the wispy wave clouds on the eastern horizon helped make the features on the face of them moon visible to the camera, giving the pale orb some relief and definition instead of the washed-out glow that often marks moonrise shots. And earlier in the afternoon, the setting sun illuminated a thin wave cloud over the Tenmile Range, with high altitude ice particles refracting the light into a full rainbow spectrum. All in all, not a bad day for photography. And it’s a good thing Leigh went along to mind the dogs, because Ringo was intent on chasing a handsome fox through the meadows. Be sure to check out the Summit Voice online photo gallery, where you can images from this moonrise and other spectacular Summit County landscapes for sale.

Streaks of clouds across the moon.
Moonrise over the Continental Divide.
Ice clouds.
Peak One in the afternoon sun.
Cracked earth in the high country.

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