Morning photo: Islands no more …

More scenes from a shrinking reservoir

This post-sunrise cloudscape cried out for black & white treatment, with rich tones of gray and a full range of saturation, black shadows to white cloud tops.

FRISCO ā€” The low level in Dillon Reservoir isn’t all bad (although it’s going to be bad news for Denver and the local marinas if we have another dry winter). I’ve been taking advantage of the low water to trek out amonst what used to be islands, are are now convoluted peninsulas, gaining access to view points that would otherwise only be available in summer by boat. Some of the big bays have turned into tiny coves, and some of the coves are now isolated ponds. It’s quite interesting to see the shape of the land that’s usually covered with water, and the exposed shorelines should make for some great XC skiing this winter once the snow comes.

A low light scene, shot at a very high ISO setting came out pretty clean, which surprise me, because often these shots end up with a lot of digital noise. There’s definitely a bit of murkiness in the shakows here, but the sky is crisp.

Way out on what used to be an island in Dillon Reservoir.
Here’s the Instagram version of the early morning cloud scene.
While the wave cloud dominated the eastern and southern skyline, the view to the west and Peak One was absolutely, sparkling clear.
One of my favorite skylines in Summit County ā€” the massive rounded hulk of Buffalo Mountain and the sharp ridges of Red Mountain kissed by the alpenglow of dawn.







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