Morning photo: Icy flows

Luminosity …

Icy flows in the Snake River.

SUMMIT COUNTY … Still fascinated by the light, textures and flows in the freezing rivers of early winter. It’s a challenging photography environment; wet, chilly and not much level ground for a tripod, but the resulting images are rewarding to me, full of life and vibrant color. You have to choose the right time of day. If it’s too bright, you can’t use long exposures to smooth out the water, at least not without a neutral density filter. If it’s too dark, the images end up murky. But when you get it just right, it can be pure magic.

Tricky light, with bright sun, highly reflective ice and deep shadows, makes this a challenging scene to photograph. I’m going to go back and try it at a different time of the day, but I don’t think it will work in full daylight. This image is post-processed, which you can see in the tone, but I like the contrast between the cold blues and the warm daylight above.

A slow shutterspeed helps blur the water but also allows the blue hues of the ice to seep into the rest of the image.
The Snake River just before it drops into the shady canyon where the ice forms.
This black and white rendering shows off some of the textures in the ice.
Ice cave!
Post-processing helps bring out the red tones of the boulders along the Snake River.

3 thoughts on “Morning photo: Icy flows

  1. nice, bob. your dedication to the early morning hours (or late?) is admirable. almost pastoral pictures…not once did i say to myself, “heavy metal”. oh, wait…

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