Morning photo: Sunday series

Weekend wandering

After a gray and misty start, the clouds lifted quickly, leaving Summit County looking fresh and clean in the morning sun.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I enjoyed a couple of leisurely, if early, photo shoot sessions over the weekend, getting out just before first light and lingering until the sun was well up in the sky. It’s nice to be able to patiently wait for the light to break just right, and that patience usually pays off with at least a few decent images.

The sun breaks through … After the early morning walk on the Tenderfoot Trail, I noticed the sun’s rays as I started across the Dam Road, hoping they’d last until I was able to pull out at one of the overlooks. The iPhone camera does a really fine job of breaking the rays into sharp contrast, so I didn’t even bother to pull the DSLR back out of the bag.
The light was touch and go Sunday morning, so when this scene unfolded, I was glad I was in a good place to shoot, because this light lasted less than five minutes.
Early morning along Oro Grande road.
Testing the low-light capability of the iPhone camera.
Sunrise color above Keystone ski area.

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