Morning photo: Dawn to dusk

Not much time between sunrise and sunset …

Daybreak over the Tenmile Range.

FRISCO — An early morning walk up the Old Dillon Reservoir Trail paid off with some stunning sunrise views, as low-hanging clouds shrouded the base of the Tenmile Range. It’s pretty interesting to tromp around up there these days. Along with the logging that totally changed the landscape (and opened up some sweet views), the reservoir enlargement project is done and just waiting for spring runoff to fill. All in all, the area has a totally different feeling than just three or four years ago, when the old reservoir had the feel of a hideaway pond, The day ended with a nice evening stroll in the Meadow Creek wetlands, where autumn grasses and ice prevail.

Early morning on the Old Dillon Reservoir Trail in Summit County, Colorado.
Sunrise over North Peak, one Keystone Ski Area’s three mountains.
First rays on Buffalo Mountain.
Late afternoon sun and clouds.
Evening in the wetlands.
Mountain meadow.








2 thoughts on “Morning photo: Dawn to dusk

  1. i like that in all these images, there’s no real hint of mankind (save for North Peak)…since we’re all headed back in that direction anyhow, even more appropriate.

    1. Well, not to be TOO contrarian, but in the last image, you can see I-70 and some headlights (look close, or double click to enlarge) … of course the trail was build by the hand of man, and I think you can see bits of Frisco in the 1st image, but I hear ya; I’m a landscape photographer, mostly, and I look for scenes that are mostly undisturbed.

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