Morning photo: Ice is nice!

Liquid gone solid …

Frost along the Snake River.

FRISCO — Walking the dogs early in the morning also doubles as my morning photo session, which means I’ve got one eye on the pups while scouting for images. A few days ago I headed up into Snake River country between Keystone and Montezuma to shoot some moving water pictures, but often I stay close to home, wandering one of the nearby trails or along the shores of Dillon Reservoir. Friday morning I headed for the Lilypad Lake trailhead and was captivated by some of the micro landscapes I found in the frozen creek.

A water birch leaf and aspen leaf entombed for the next five months in the ice on Meadow Creek.
Frost crystals grow along an ice shelf where water vapor turns directly into ice, without first going through a liquid stage.
A slice of Meadow Creek, just alongside the road …
When liquid turns into a solid.
Shoreline ice along Dillon Reservoir.



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