Friday Fotos: Secrets!

Shhhhh — don’t tell!

Dylan shreds a “secret” powder stash at Vali, Colorado, a few years ago.

FRISCO — It’s hard to keep something a secret when you post pictures of it, but that’s part of the fun and charm of this week’s edition of the weekly #FriFotos Twitter chat, one of the coolest social media events on the web. As a writer and photographer, I’m constantly torn between sharing the amazing places and stories I discover in the course of reporting and keeping them as private secrets, In some cases, people ask me specifically to not give away certain locations. In other situations, it’s part of my job to uncover dirty little (or big) secrets held by big corporations or even the government. For FriFotos, I’ll steer away from the muckraking and stick with sharing some of the best secrets from around my home stomping grounds in Summit County, Colorado and a few other spots.

Got a secret you’r itching to share? Upload your pic, tag it with #FriFotos and join the conversation.

A tiny cove along the shore of busy Dillon Reservoir, just 10 minutes from our hours, is our secret getaway for a quick flat-water rafting session.
A secret spot along the Snake River allows the morning sun to filter into a shady, pine-lined canyon.
In Butrint, Albania, @CoTravGirl ponders the secrets of bygone civilizations. We’ve always though that the World Heritage site at Butrint is one of the best-kept travel secrets as place where you’re free to wander intimately among the ruins of Byzantine, Greek and Roman cities, and even touch some of the stunning mosaics.
We never did figure the secret of this vending machine at the Buenos Aires airport. All we know is, it kept swallowing our money without ever dispensing the cold drink we sought.
The giant petrified stump of an ancient redwood tree at Florissant National Fossil Beds holds secrets from ancient geological eras.
Everytime I come across this image in my archives, I wonder what mysterious secret this cafe patron in Buenos Aires was pondering.
Good mushroom-hunting spots are among the most tightly held secrets …
… Which can lead to secret recipes with secret ingredients!
Hiking through a narrow gorge in the limestone Alps of Austria, we discovered a secret swimming hole.

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