Morning photo: Ice and frost

In lieu of snow …

Morning frost and sun.

FRISCO β€” Went for a bit of a wander along the Snake River between Keystone and Montezuma this morning after hearing that Keystone is facing some challenges with regard to stream flows and the water it uses from the Roberts Tunnel for snowmaking. When I parked near the Blight Placer, I was greeted by an early winter wonderland of frost on the willow wetlands near the river, as well as some stunning ice formations on the rocks in the shady canyon. All in all, a satisfying photo trek. In the evening, I went hunting for more ice reflections in the shallows near Heaton Bay.

Cool shadows, warm sunlight.
Frost along the Snake River.
Managed to squeeze a bit of color and texture out of this shot, near Frisco.
Frozen wave.
One of the season’s first frost flowers, growing on the ice of some Snake River wetlands near Keystone, Colorado.
Good contrasts between the rich, warm tones of the grass in the foreground, the frost along the river and the still-green forest in the background.

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