Morning photo: Misty …

A chilly morning!

Peak One through the morning mists on Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO —I’ve been waiting for a while for one of those crisp mornings when the mists rise off the reservoir. A little later in the year, they will rise even higher, coating trees along the shore with thick frost. Today was chilly enough, at about 6 degrees when I got to Heaton Bay, and I fumbled a bit trying to work the camera controls with gloves on. The fog season only lasts a few weeks, because once the reservoir freezes over, well, that’s it for the year. The only distraction today was the loud noise of the snow guns at the Frisco tubing hill, which could be clearly heard all the way across the water. But hey, we have to sacrifice for dollars and recreation, right? And it’s only for a few more weeks …

Gore Range peaks rise out of the morning mists.
Low single digits here.
Finally, the sun did break through.
Ice, textured with frost.
Clearing mists.





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