Morning photo: Ode to snow …

White magic

Just playing with a telephoto lens, depth-of-field and some snowflakes, right off the Summit Voice weather deck!

FRISCO —Summer may announce itself with crashing thunder, but winter usually arrives quietly, with the whisper of falling snow. You have to listen very carefully to hear it. The best place is in a hushed aspen glade, or a thick stand of evergreens, where the flakes brush against the boughs as they sift out of the sky. Since we’re dependent on snow in so many ways here in Colorado, it seems appropriate to spend a few minutes in reflective thanks when it arrives, time I always consider well spent. Here’s to lots more of it this year.

A few years ago, I walked outside and noticed some nicely formed flakes on the rear window of our car. I ran back upstairs and grabbed my Fuji Finepix, set it to macro and snapped a few shots, not really thinking it would turn out. But I love the result and I’ve kept the image in my files to illustrate various stories about snow.

Of course, that didn’t show the same dedication displayed by Wilson Bentley, a Vermont resident, who spent several years of his life perfecting the art of photographing individual snow crystals in the late 1800s. Click on the image to read about Bentley and to see more of his stunning pics.
Snow — making the old look new, like this old truck in Frisco, Colorado.
Individual snow flakes rest precariously on the needles of a lodgepole pine. I had to hold my breath taking this picture because I was so close that my exhalation would have melted them.
Snow on a spruce.
A flash exposure helped define this snow-covered spruce branch.
Backyard black and white reprise.

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