Morning photo: Calm before the storm

Peaceful sunrise

Reflecting sunrise over Buffalo Mountain.

FRISCO — The lowering of Dillon Reservoir definitely enables some new perspectives of the surrounding Tenmile and Gore ranges. Even without a boat, you can get way out into the middle of the reservoir to what used to be islands. The bare, rocky ground is slightly depressing, but I’m hoping it will soon be covered with snow, adding a whole new element to these reservoir landscapes. Friday was extraordinarily warm at sunrise; I didn’t even to wear gloves in between shots, but that should change this weekend.

This shot of the Gore Range was shot with a Canon EOS and then processed through an iPhone Instagram filter.
The same shot, with only minimal post-processing, mainly to sharpen the blur of the telephoto lens.
First blush on the Tenmile Range.
Slice of sky — reflected.

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