Morning photo: Mountain magic

Day-glo …

A recent sunrise over the Continental Divide, Shot with a Nikon DSLR and then Instagrammed via iPhone.

FRISCO — Late October and November always seem to bring some of the best sunrise scenes of the year. Part of it is that sunrise is more accessible time-wise, occurring at a reasonable hour that allows me to do my morning parenting obligations and still get out in time to find a good spot, which, luckily, usually isn’t too far away. The changing weather patterns also contribute, often leading to unique cloud formations over the peaks that jut nearly three miles into the atmosphere, breaking up the wind flow, and part of it, I think, is due to the placement and angle of the sun in relationship to the local topography. In any case, as I look through the archives, many of the most dramatic shots are from late autumn, and this year is no exception.

The same shot as above, straight from the DSLR.

Swirling pink cloud slivers contrast against a chilly gray dawn sky.
The same scene, with a little more foreground for context. These were tough shots because of the contrast between the cloud highlights and the foreground shadows. I’ve post-processed them lightly in iPhoto, and I hope to improve the images more with some Photoshop tweaking.
Daybreak, with frost on the exposed shoreline of Dillon Reservoir and clouds exploding into color over Mt. Guyot.
The moon always adds a nice touch to a sunrise scene.
While waiting for the moon to set, I watched the first rays of the sun hit the Tenmile Range.
Morning drama.






2 thoughts on “Morning photo: Mountain magic

    1. Thanks, Jeremy, I want to speak with you about oil shale mapping and some of the questions you raised in your previous comments on the Checks and Balances story. I spoke with some BLM folks and they said the areas proposed for leasing under the preferred alternative do include some areas identified by energy companies as suitable for R&D.

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