Morning photo: 2013 Summit Voice calendar

Best of the year …

A January sunset lights up the sky over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO —The votes are in, and as everybody knows, Barack Obama earned a second term in office in an election that wasn’t quite as close as the media wanted it to be. When Ohio was called for Obama by mid-evening, it was all but over for the Republicans.

The voting for the 2013 Summit Voice calendar was much closer; in some cases, the winning monthly image was determined by just one vote. It was interesting for me to compare my own choices with the reader votes. I picked the winning picture about half the time. In the rest of the choices I was pretty far off. In any case, here are the pics. The calendar will be available at our RedBubble gallery shortly.

A similar view with another awesome cloud deck on a snowy February evening in Frisco.
An Instagram version of a Peak One reflection garnered the most votes in the Summit Voice 2013 calendar poll.
An April sunrise features some of the lighter blues and bright sunlight of early spring.
Warm May sunlight on the Tenmile Range contrasts with frosty shadows in the foreground.
An exquisite summer sunset over Dillon Reservoir.
The start of the monsoon delivered lightning in early July.
Summer grass.
The wintry storm of the year clears over the Gore Range.
A bald eagle along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.
November sunrise.
Full moon rising over the Continental Divide.

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