Election 2012: Time to vote

Barack Obama likely to carry Summit County

If the 7-11 coffee poll is correct, Barack Obama will serve another four years.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Voting day dawned bright and clear in the high country; weather won’t be a factor in keeping anyone from the polls this year in Colorado, one of several key swing states that could determine the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. While Summit County has been solidly blue in recent elections, there are a number of populated Denver suburbs that will likely determine which way Colorado goes, and there’s a lot at stake for the state.

Voting in Frisco, Colorado.

For example, under Obama, Colorado will likely move forward with more renewable energy projects, while a Romney win would lead to intensified battles over fossil fuel extraction on public lands.

Who will wind? It’s anybody’s guess at this point, with most major polls showing results within the margin of error. Either way, for most Summit Voice readers, the steady barrage of TV ads didn’t make a huge difference — except perhaps for making people decide to NOT vote for one candidate. Here’s some early feedback from our Facebook page.

Some election feedback from Facebook.

I also contacted longtime local Gary Lindstrom this morning to get his take on the election. He thinks Obama will win nationally and in Colorado, and that the Democrats will take back the State House of Representatives. Here’s Lindstrom’s take:

Colorado will go with Obama and the big upset will be that the Colorado House will once again become Democrat.  

I think that the national vote will be very close with Obama winning.  I have been watching all of the pundits this morning and they feel that bringing on Ryan to cater to the tea party was a major mistake and cost Romney the moderate vote.   
I would ask the winner to seriously consider what the opponent was saying and try to incorporate that into the platform.  That would be easy for Obama but Romney has too many to make happy.  
The three biggest issues for the next four years are the economy, the deficit and cutting the federal budget.  I would hope that the winner would work very hard to bring the nation together.  
I read a piece in the New York Times yesterday that there is serious consideration being given to riots and civil unrest if Obama wins due to the chasm between the parties.  I know a couple of people who would be in favor of taking the law into their own hands.  I think that the 800 pound gorilla for the past four years is the racist attitude of many Americans   I listen to people talk and they will refer to a “black” president and his ugly “black” wife.   By 2015 more than 50% of the US will be people of color.
The “crossroads” ads by Karl Rove were very racist.   They even darken the tone of the President’s skin to make him look darker.
In a nutshell, the polarization of America must stop.  We must work together to solve problems and not continue the divisions that have occurred.
I also wanted to know if anyone voted for a third-party candidate or didn’t vote at all. Here’s the Facebook response so far:
Some voters are reporting ballot issues, and few people said they voted neither Democratic or Republican. 





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