Morning photo: Sunrise, sunset …

Better and better

The meadow.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Just when you think it can’t get any better … the sky ignites in an almost unbelievable display of vibrant colors, with clouds just at the right height so they reflect light back on the foreground, so you end up with balanced lighting and not just a colorful sky against a dark foreground. Even my teenage son was impressed, which means it was pretty awesome. He was also impressed by the recent series of stellar sunrises we’ve had. At one point he even commented, “We’ve had like four awesome sunrises in a row; what’s up with that?” I didn’t have the heart to tell hime that those sunrise scenes are more frequent than he might think. He just noticed them in the past few weeks because they were happening at the time that he’s actually outside, on his way to school, with his eyes open. Regardless, I’m glad he notices and appreciates these little gifts.

Start of the day.
The same sunrise, the iPhone version.
Autumn grass, Instagrammed.
Mid-day, Instagrammed.







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