Morning photo: Fleeting moments …

Right place, right time

Intense morning alpenglow on the Gore Range. Check this image in our online gallery, where you can buy it as a print or greeting card.

FRISCO β€” Today’s photo essay is a recap of the past couple of weeks, which ended up being productive for photography even though the easy subjects like showy autumn leaves are all gone. Getting up early at sunrise paid off a few times, with the rich colors of dawn painted on the screen of the Rocky Mountains, and stalking a few wild critters was also fun. I’m trying to promote my photography a little more these days to generate some income to sustain Summit Voice, so more of the photo essays will feature links to my online galleries, including our newly created Christmas card gallery. If you see any other images you’d like to purchase, contact me at

A migrating gull enjoys a sunny day on Dillon Reservoir.
Morning light.
This light only lasted about 20 seconds. This image is available in our online gallery.
Peak One after an early season storm. Click here to check this image in our online gallery.
Furry friend.









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