Morning photo: Mountain dawn

Sunrise in the Rockies

A slant of sunrise light creates a yin and yang pattern over the Continental Divide.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Sunsets are groovy, but I’ve always had a fascination with the dawn light, perhaps because I’m an early riser by nature. And this time of year, I didn’t even have to get up too early to scramble up toward Old Dillon Reservoir in time to capture a few shots of a sunrise that could have gone either way. At first glance out the kitchen window, I was pretty excited to see a low cloud deck with a fairly large swath of clear skies to the east, a perfect setup for good light.

By the time I turned right on to Dillon Dam Road, however, it was clear that the clouds were moving toward the east, quickly cutting of that ribbon of clear sky. At that point, I reckoned the odds were about 50-50 that it would be a gray dawn, without much color. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a splash of glowing orange or hot pink on a chilly winter morning is always a nice thing. In the end, the clouds lifted just enough make things interesting and varied. All the hues and colors in these photos were taken in the course of a single sunrise spanning about 30 minutes.

Mt. Guyot glows in the sunrise.
An array of color and rays in this pre-sunrise scene shot from atop Lake Hill.
Sunrise light over the Continental Divide.

The last three images are iPhone captures …

Peak One and the Tenmile Range catch first rays.
Straight iPhone, no filters, no post-processing.






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