Morning photo: A sunrise series

Wintry light

Dawn light on the Gore Range.

FRISCO — Friday’s sunrise felt like the first true winter morning in Summit County since probably sometime last February, not only because of the temps (in the single digits) and the snow, but also because of subtle changes in the quality of the light. The snow is definitely a factor in that. It reflects the first rays of the sun differently, but it’s also related to the angle of the sun in relationship to the peaks and even to the way it slants through the atmosphere. For this set, I wandered out on one of the peninsulas near Heaton Bay so that I could shoot back toward the Gore Range, which catches the first rays in a stunning display of alpenglow.

Golden sunlight on snow-covered peaks. What could be better?
I was lucky once again to spot a bald eagle, and for the first time confirmed that there’s a pair, probably guarding a nest nearby. The second eagle flew to within 50 feet of this perch a few seconds after I snapped this shot, but landed lower down in the shadows where I wasn’t able to spot it. This isn’t the sharpest shot in the world, but I like it anyway.
The light inexorably works its way down the granite screen of the range.
To the West, Peak One always catches a good dose of light.
Morning light.
This was a tough shot, with deep blue foreground shadows and brilliantly bright light on the peaks. I did a quick edit in iPhoto and I’m looking forward to trying some more post-processing with Photoshop.

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