Morning photo: Light hunting in Summit County

Pre-storm sunrise

First light over Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — I raced out of the house Wednesday morning right after getting my son out the door to catch the school bus, sensing that the arrangement of clouds could lead to a brilliant sunrise. These days, the timing is pretty close — Dylan leaves at 7 a.m. to catch the bus at 7:05 and the sun comes up just a few minutes later. That means I can’t go too far, otherwise I’ll be on the road when that golden moment arrives.

And it’s just as well; there a a few spots along Dillon Reservoir where I know the angles, where the light will appear and I’m happy to revisit them in the quest to improve my photography. All the images in this post were taken within a 30-minute span and I was working fast to shoot the light and colors that changed dynamically, moment to moment.

With a little help from Instagram, the already brilliant sunrise turned into a heavenly vision. Check the last shot in the series to see the unfiltered version.
Peak one in the morning half-light.
The iPhone is pretty good at handling all sorts of light, but the morning sunrise glow atop Buffalo was just too intense.
Can you feel the storminess.
A hawk prepares to land on a lodgepole pine against the backdrop of the sunlit Gore Range.
Sunrise revisited.




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