Morning photo: Autumn odds and ends

An seasonal set

A crazy alpenglow sunset in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Even though temps are cooling down, there are still plenty of warm tones left in the palette, from the intense alpenglow of autumn sunsets, to afternoon sunlight reflected on the backyard pond and in the final blush of pigments in old leaves close to decay. As a nature photographer, I always greet this in-between season with trepidation, but then I’m always surprised by how much I can find if keep my eyes open and envision the world through a viewfinder.

Backyard duck.
Old leaves, remnants of summer.
Usually mushrooms disintegrate quickly, but this puffball lasted long enough to be coated by a mid-October frost.
A gull enjoys morning sunshine on Dillon Reservoir.
One more show of bright autumn wild strawberry leaves tinged with frost.
Wetlands sunset.

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