Mind-mixing in Breckenridge

Town sets up new online engagement forum

Breckenridge, Colorado. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Along with offering opportunities for input during formal settings like town council meetings and hearings, Breckenridge is reaching out to residents with a new  forum designed to let people brainstorm in a casual online setting.

The new website, EngageBreckenridge.com, lets residents and visitors chime in on topics currently being discussed by the town council, like a potential ban on single-use plastic bags, and also lets people throw out new ideas. For example, one recent discussion thread centers on the idea of an indoor playground.

“People who live and work in Breckenridge best understand what our needs are, so the best way to provide plans that meet those needs is to give people the opportunity to participate in the process. EngageBreckenridge.com offers people the chance to share their vision and ideas”, said Mayor John Warner.

The town has posted five initial topics for discussion. The feedback  will be reviewed to supplement Breckenridge’s traditional decision-making process. Depending on the issue, questions will be posed in a number of different forms. Residents have the ability to submit new ideas, vote in polls and prioritize issues.

EngageBreckenridge.com measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested citizens and most compelling topics. The tool makes for a clear and open communication channel between Town officials and Breckenridge citizens, while also delivering measurable results and invaluable insight to community leaders and elected officials. The website uses Google Translate to maximize multi-lingual participation on every issue.

Breckenridge joins Aurora, Golden, Louisville, Boulder, Lakewood, Frisco and Littleton as cities in Colorado using the new online platform developed by the Omaha-based company, MindMixer.


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