Morning photo: Brilliance

Color hunting

Structure in nature is evident in the growth of ice crystals on autumn leaves near the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — The day started with a pretty sweet sunset, with a thin wave cloud over the Continental Divide adding texture and color to the sky. A short dog walk near Heaton Bay yielded a fun shot of some morning frost, which seems to form fully just in the last few minutes before the sun hits the ground. And I also managed to get just a wee bit closer to the Clark’s grebes that have been feeding in the bay for the past week or so. The wave cloud lingered through sunset, book-ending the day with a brilliant sunset.

Another wave cloud sunrise this morning, photographed at the corner of Lagoon Drive and Meadow Creek Drive, right where the school bus picks up. Think the kids notice in between sending texts?
This outcrop of serpentine rock at Officers Gulch pond has always fascinated me, and made a nice solid foreground against the highlight of water blazing in late afternoon sunlight.
I’m getting closer to getting the shot I want of the Clark’s grebes spending a few days at Dillon Reservoir on their southward migration. But I don’t think they’ll be around much longer.
It’s fun to watch them dive, staying down for about 30 seconds. They start each dive with a little upward lunge, no doubt to help them dive deeper. With shallower and warmer water, Dillon Reservoir has become a slightly more productive aquatic ecoystem this year.
Double-click this to see the large version and try to spot A-Basin’s Montezuma lift.
Just for fun …

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