Morning photo: Old stuff

Relics …

The stones of this abbey courtyard in Austria tell their own story.

FRISCO — In a change of pace from the recent series of Summit County scenics. we’re digging back in the archives and looking for some old stuff — not just old photos, but photos of old things, like the centuries old courtyard of an Austrian abbey founded several centuries before Columbus set sail to the New World. Traveling in Europe and visiting some of the ancient monuments always gives me a fresh perspective on history, helping me understand the transient nature of what appear to be even the most urgent current events. As much as we may haggle and shout over the topic du jour, it’s always worth considering the bigger picture.

This old lion’s face outside the Residenz in Munich Germany is shiny because nearly every passerby rubs it for good luck, according to tradition.
The waterwheel of this old mill house in Český Krumlov, in the Czech Republic, is decorative now, but helped feed the fortified World Heritage city for centuries along one of the most contested frontiers in Europe.
Looking downstream from the mill in Český Krumlov.
Baroque ornamentation on a church in Dürnstein, Austria.
An Instagram version of one of my favorite old cities in the world, Salzburg, Austria.
Old rock, old walls in Dürnstein, Austria.
An old (some say the original) beware of dog sign, part of Roman mosaic in Pompeii.
Crumbling statuary in Butrint, Albania, where Byzantine, Greek and Roman remnants are piled atop each other in a historical layercake.













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