Morning photo: Valley snow

October storm

White and gold, the colors of fall in the Colorado high country. There aren’t a lot of aspens that still have leaves on them, but I scoped out a few spots in the last few days as the forecast started mentioning snow, in hopes of getting a shot with this contrast, heightened with an iPhone Instagram filter.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO —It’s not unusual for the high valleys of Summit County to see a snowfall in mid-October. At elevations of about 9,000 feet, the valley floors here are higher than the tallest summits in many areas, so when the autumn precipitation rolls through this time of year, it’s snow, as often as not. Still, that first dusting is always exciting and worth a few photos — even if it quickly melts away again. And even as ski area marketing flaks breathlessly tweet about #winterisback in hopes of selling just a few more passes, long-time mountain residents know that there’s still plenty of autumn left. Never a good reason to hurry the seasons — remember, Ullr doesn’t like to be rushed! All pictures, with the exception of the pine bough shot, are with iPhone.

I used a 300 mm telephoto lens for this shot of our deck in Frisco to try and capture a few falling flakes and to give the branches some depth against the background shadows.
Juniper brush with a dusting of October snow.
Rose hips stand in bright contrast to the new snow.
A warm rock with lichen surrounded by new snow.
Frisco panorama.
Lodgepole cone.
Robert Frost, anyone?
By late in the day, near sunset, the maroons of the leafless willows dominated the light in Mayflower Gulch, near Copper Mountain.













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