Morning photo: Eagle eye …

A day in pictures …

Bald Eagle near Heaton Bay. Frisco, Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO —A morning dog walk near Heaton Bay ended up with yet another close look at Dillon Reservoir’s resident eagle, who is taking full advantage of all the beetle-killed lodgepole pines. Even with two dogs running around, the eagle keeps it pretty regal, perched near — but not on — the tips of the trees, letting us get within 100 feet or so.

I actually haven’t tried getting any closer because I don’t really want to disturb him and chase him away. I’ve been watching this eagle on and off for the past couple of weeks, and what strikes me every time is just how darn big of a bird it really is. You can sort of get an idea from seeing him up close, but it’s really when you see him from more of a distance, with other objects nearby for comparison, that you really get a good sense, like in this next image.

Bald eagle, looking toward Buffalo Mountain.

After the gentle and warm early morning sunshine, the storm clouds quickly developed, bringing some short but intense downpours to Frisco — then the sun came out again, Here’s how it looked.


Up high, that moisture fell as snow …

Snow on the Divide.

But before all that, it was a peaceful, still morning along the shore of Dillon Reservoir …

Peak One reflected.
Old leaf, green grass.
Last light.

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