Morning photo: Fade to …

Finding light

I’ve been focusing on the thick grass in the Meadow Creek wetlands to add some rich color to these evening scenes.

FRISCO — The most obvious fall colors are fading, as a few windy days knocked a lot of the remaining leaves off the trees, but there is still plenty of autumn feeling left in the hills — you just have to look a little harder, for example in the luxuriant golden grasses around wetlands and ponds. The dusting of new snow on the higher peaks also helped brighten things up, although you have to be careful not to let those highlights flare up. Best to head out early (or late) to catch the best light, but that’s true in any season. All the photos here, except the last one, are iPhone shots.

Muted colors on this overcast evening.
Watching the water slow down …
One of the last clumps of aspens with leaves is at the Meadow Creek trail head.
A last sliver of sunlight slants across the shore of Dillon Reservoir.
Rose hips.
Sunrise watchers.
Early morning light helps give this scene some depth, despite the compression of a 300 mm lens.

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