Morning photo: July calendar choice

Superb sunsets

Buffalo Mountain silhouette against a fiery sunset.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — I was gone for a large part of July, but did catch a few good sunsets along the shores of Dillon Reservoir before the water receded too far. The monsoon moisture that started building early in the month helped color the sky with clouds, and in mid-summer, the light lingers late, so there’s no rush to shoot. In July, sunset photography becomes a leisurely post-dinner activity, the best time of the day to linger in a scenic spot. Vote in the poll for your favorite July picture, with the winner to be featured in the 2013 Summit Voice calendar.

Lightning over the Continental Divide. This was on the night before we left on a three-week Europe family trip. When the sky started rumbling, I left my packing (which only takes about 20 minutes, anyway) and rushed down to Heaton Bay in hopes of getting a lighting shot.
A faint rainbow arcs over Dillon Reservoir, a hopeful sign for the monsoon rains that followed to help ease the fire danger at the height of summer.
Moisture started building early in the month. Even before it rained, heavy dew helped moisten the grasses near Straight Creek, in Dillon, Colorado.
Monsoon clouds build over the Continental Divide.
Fireweed on the Frisco Peninsula.
Sky on fire.
Leaning tree.
A blazing July sunset.
A glowing sky outlines Grays and Torreys, along the Continental Divide.
Dillon Reservoir panorama.

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