Morning photo: Frost and foilage

Changes …

Frost has been on the ground for several days now, and with some cooler temps in the forecast, there should be some lovely formations in areas where there’s a little moisture available.

FRISCO — Just because most of the leaves have blown off the trees doesn’t mean the display of fall color is over. It might not be as in-your-face as a hillside covered with blazing aspens, but have look at the forest floor, where the foilage is undergoing a secondary transformation, aided by frost, bacteria and fungi. All the shot here except the first picture, are taking with an iPhone. Check out the Summit Voice Imagekind online gallery for fine art prints and note cards.

Leaf love.
The amazing thing is, they keep changing color after they fall.
Strawberry frost.
Half-light in the early morning, just before the frost melts.
Frosty aspen leaves, early morning sun.
Into the woods.
Frosty bridge.

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