Summit Voice: Most-viewed and week in review

Fishing disasters in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico and New England may all be linked with global warming.

Fracking, cutthroat trout and Colorado weather …

Environment: Probe of Arctic scientist ends inconclusively

SUMMIT COUNTY —A Kafka-esque federal probe of a polar biologist ended inconclusively this week, as biologist Charles Monnett got a mild slap on the wrist for an alleged breach of policy that was unrelated to the focus of the 2.5-year investigation.

Climate: Ocean temps rising especially fast along coasts

SUMMIT COUNTY — Scientists with the UK’s University of Southampton say they may have documented another unanticipated global warming feedback loop, as sea surface temperatures in coastal regions appears to be rising up to 10 times faster than the global average.

Celebrate local, sustainable food with a harvest dinner

FRISCO — Summit County will celebrate the growing local and sustainable food movement with a special Oct. 4 harvest dinner at Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant in Frisco. The feast will benefit the High Country Conservation Center, which has been instrumental in supporting local community gardens and spurring awareness of the importance of locally produced food. The special menu is composed entirely of food grown or raised within a 160-mile radius of Summit County.

Special elk hunt set for Grand Teton National Park

That seems to be the theory of game management in Wyoming, where Grand Teton National Park officials announced the Oct. 8 start of the annual elk reduction program mandated by Congress when the park was created in 1950.

Breckenridge resident charged in deadly roll-over crash

SUMMIT COUNTY — Breckenridge resident Maverick James Bain, 24, is being charged with several felony and misdemeanor offenses following a Sept.29 accident on Ski Rill Road that killed one of the passengers in the Jeep Bain was driving.

Volunteers wanted to help with hurricane research

SUMMIT COUNTY — When it comes to assessing hurricane intensity, the more eyeballs the better, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is asking the public to browse an archive of historic satellite images to help scientists develop more accurate intensity estimates.

Climate: New clues for ancient Great Basin lakes

SUMMIT COUNTY — Geologists and paleoclimatologists have long known that the great basins of the intermountain West were once filled with water, forming vast inland seas. At the peak of the last glacial cooling period, about 14,000 to 20,000 years ago as much as a quarter of Nevada and Utah were covered with water.

Are fisheries disasters linked with climate change?

SUMMIT COUNTY — If you had any doubts that at least some — if not all — the world’s oceans are in trouble, then look no farther than the most recent fisheries disaster declarations from the U.S. Commerce Department. Due to varying factors, including overfishing, Mississippi River flooding and “unfavorable ocean conditions” (global warming, anyone?), the department has made disaster determinations in the Northeast, Alaska and Mississippi.

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