Morning photo: Lake Hill sunrise

Perfect sunrise

Full moon setting Sunday, Sept. 30, over Buffalo Mountain, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Sunday morning’s session started out as a quest to capture a few shots of the moon set, but I was running a little late, so my hasty set-up at the Old Dillon Reservoir trail head didn’t yield the best shots. Once the moon dropped behind Buffalo’s broad shoulder, I meandered up the trail to the edge of the new Old Dillon Reservoir, which still awaits its first fill. It’s a great spot for morning panos, with a sweeping view from the Continental Divide near the Eisenhower Tunnel, to Grays and Torreys and west to a semi-compressed view of the Tenmile Range. With breakfast or school lunches to prepare, I had a little extra time to wait out the sunrise, a Rocky Mountain classic with multiple layers of clouds helping create some amazing light.

Instead of just squeezing off a few quick shots, I had time to experiment with different camera settings to maximize the dramatic light spilling down the canyons.

Dawn over the Ten Mile Range, still cloaked with snow from a storm a few days ago.
An iPhone shot, enhanced with an Instagram filter to intensify the rays of light.
Pre-dawn light along the Old Dillon Reservoir trail.
Morning alpenglow on the Gore Range.

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