Morning photo: Windows

Looking out, looking in …

A glowing window in Ushuia, Argentina.

FRISCO — One of the reasons I enjoy the #FriFotos Twitter chat is that it encourages me to explore my extensive photo archive in new ways. This week, when founder @EpsteinTravels announced this week’s “windows” theme, I knew right away that I had plenty of images to use, but it made me think about why I sometimes snap shots of seemingly random windows.

Sometimes they offer a brief glimpse into another way of life; I remember walking past an open window in a Naples alley a few year ago, with a rich scent of tomato sauce wafting out and and the sound of a soccer game blaring on a TV or radio — a perfect Italian moment.

Windows also give certain scenes a frame of reference. One of my favorite shots is of a lone early morning swimmer in the Adriatic Sea. The shot would have been pretty in any case, but framing it with the window of our hotel room in Piran, Slovenia helps evoke the memory of the lovely days Leigh and I spent in the historic town.

Join the fun on Twitter by posting your favorite window pics and adding the #FriFotos hashtag — then sit back and and enjoy!

A swimmer enjoys an early morning dip in the Adriatic Sea.
Looking out at the Caribbean through a screened window in Belize.
A reflective moment at a cafe in Buenos Aires.
A winter sunrise through our kitchen window in Frisco, Colorado.
Shuttered windows in Brignoles, France.
Looking out at the Tenmile Range through the window of an old miners cabin near Copper Mountain, Colorado.
As we rolled out of the Bratislava Train station, a quick glimpse into this train window showed that someone was living inside this old railroad car parked on a siding.
We nicknamed our inflatable friend Larry the Lobster and let him dry out on the windowsill of our hotel room.
Looking out the window of an old whaling station at the M/V Professor Molchanov, anchored near Deception Island, Antarctica.
A window seat was perfect during the approach to Ushuaia, Argentina.
Broken window in an old ranch cabin, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
Cabin window, Aspen Highlands Ski Area.
Window decorations in Venice.
Some colored laundry contrasts with the stately palazzo windows in Venice.

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