IUCN ‘Green List’ program to highlight successful conservation efforts

Designations seen as step toward worldwide biodiversity goals

The IUCN is developing a Green List program to highlight protected areas that are managed to high standards.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Along with a developing red list of endangered ecosystems, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature is focusing on highlighting well-managed protected areas with a Green List.

The Green List project will be formally unveiled at the 2014 World Parks Congress in Australia. The Green List will celebrate protected area successes, setting benchmarks to reward effective and equitable management.

Protected areas wishing to be included on the IUCN Green List will have to satisfy a threshold of agreed criteria, including meeting their conservation goals, achieving effective management and facilitating equitable governance.

“The IUCN Green List will make a valuable contribution to the more effective conservation of protected areas,” said Trevor Sandwith, Director of IUCN’s Global Protected Areas Programme, which is overseeing the initiative in partnership with the World Commission on Protected Areas. “The Green List will serve as a powerful motivator, inspiring protected areas to meet the standards and be shining examples of global best practice.”
The IUCN hopes that a Green List designation will bring more recognition to well-managed protected areas, along with increased political support, interest in quality tourism and stronger motivation among managers and other staff.

The pilot projects include partnerships with Parques Nacionales Naturales in Colombia, the Korean National Parks Service and CA/TS (Conservation Assured/Tiger Standards), a WWF-managed tiger conservation programme in tiger-range states.

“I decided to accept the generous invitation for Colombia to be one of the countries in which this innovative initiative is developed because I find it extremely useful for our country to determine which national parks are doing a good job related to all issues on the management effectiveness of protected areas,” said Julia Miranda Londoño, Director of Parques Nacionales Naturales Colombia.  “Sharing good practices is a very good way to raise the standards of management of the protected areas, which in the end will result in better nature conservation in Colombia.”

The IUCN Green List will also assist national governments and their conservation partners to meet their goals under the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Targets, particularly Target 11, which states that by 2020 at least 17 percent of the world’s terrestrial areas and 10 percent of marine areas should be effectively and equitably managed and conserved.


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