Morning photo: Postcards to myself …

Note to self: Travel again — soon!

On the approach to Frankfurt we flow low over the Rhine River. The river figures big in Teutonic mythology, and the morning mist hugging the gorge was a nice touch for our arrival.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — I love taking pictures and telling stories, but ultimately, many of the images are really most valuable as personal mementos of journeys and adventures I’ve shared with my loved ones. This most recent trip was no exception. Many of the pictures will never be published anywhere, but cherished all the more for the personal moments they reflect. But others are fun and help interpret the places we visit, along with evoking emotions every time I look at them. To me, there’s almost nothing better than the anticipation, after a long flight, of setting foot in a new place, even if it’s a place where I lived for many years and where I have family history. The picture above brings back the tingly feeling of starting a new journey.

An incredibly detailed model railroad in the Frankfurt train station costs 1 Euro to activate, but it’s well worth the price to watch freights and Intercity Express trains whiz around the track.
Most of the trip was spent in and around Linz, not exactly a tourism hotbed, but a good central location from which to explore the surrounding countryside. And since it was a family focused trip, we spent quite a bit of time “at home” in Linz, exploring neighborhoods in the town where my mom grew up. This riverside scene, enhanced with some iPhone/Instagram magic is along the banks of the Danube, with graffite and streetlights on the other side of the river adding an impressionistic splash of color.
A magical afternoon in Český Krumlov.
This is a classic postcard to myself, just a simple snapshot of Mondsee, one of my favorite places anywhere, made all the more special this trip as my son and I shared a beergarden meal seating right next to water’s edge.
During a short visit to Munich, Leigh and I were lucky to visit the town’s open-air Viktualienmarkt during a day-long fountain festival, when all the fountains were decorated with flowers and small stages were set up for shows from local performers.
A sunset over Salzburg, Austria doesn’t need a whole lot of words …
My son wanted to ride his freebord down the road near Austria’s highest peak. That didn’t quite work out, but he did get to try paragliding for the first time. Priceless.

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