Morning photo: Austrian soul food

Not noveau, just down-home cooking …

The all-time classic Wienerschnitzel, which involves pounding a pork or veal cutlet into tender submission and coating it with thick flour-egg-breadcrumb crust.

SUMMIT COUNTY — When it comes to food, I’m not too picky. I can appreciate a good burger, a tasty veggie salad, spicy enchiladas and more, but I definitely have a soft spot for Austrian food. I spent many summers along the Danube back in the 1960s and early 70s, helping my Oma harvest fruit and veggies from her garden, and visiting the local butcher shops and bakeries, so each time I return, I revel in the memories that food are so good at evoking. After all, we don’t eat just to nourisn the body, we eat to feed the soul.

Leave a comment at the end of the post and tell me what your favorite Austrian food is.

The pastry case at any self-respecting Austrian bakery features at least a dozen types of fruit and cream-filled concoctions that will give you a daily dose of calories in just one helping.

But it’s not just about the food — it’s about the company and family, like this beer garden session where cousins, aunts, brothers and grandmothers all enjoyed a leisurely meal, along with good conversation.
Pork roast with drippings and a bread dumpling = insta-yum!
It all gets washed down with a golden lager …
Bread dumplings help soak up the creamy sauce, made with chanterelle mushrooms, ubiquitous on Austrian menus during the heart of the summer.
Austrians have a pleasant obsession with ice creams that involves the creation of elaborate sundaes, including this tiramisu-inspired concoction.
For a healthier choice, the selection of locally grown fresh fruits at the markets is stunning.
Even the most basic staple — bread — comes in an intriguing variety of shapes and sizes. My favorites are the braided poppyseed rolls, but beware, because restaurants charge for each piece you eat!
Speckknödel – Only the Austrians could come up with a bacon-filled dumpling served with bacon pan drippings.
Austrians do amazing things with bacon.
The chalkboard in this cider pub gave the name of each farm where the ingredients for their menu items come from. Each one was within a few miles of the restaurant.
kaiserschmarrn, a whimsical dish of thick, fluffy pancakes, shredded, then re-baked, sometimes in a copper dish and served with a side of stewed fruit. They call it “dessert,” but …

7 thoughts on “Morning photo: Austrian soul food

  1. I think I just gain five pounds checking your blog out! Weigh-in is for me tomorrow at Weight Watchers so I hope I loose it before then 🙂
    Beautiful photos from a place I hope to visit some day

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